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This video shows exactly what could happen during a Liscio Concert. The crowd interacts with the orchestra in a very “friendly” and participative way, and in this case the one who joins the band on stage (as I wrote in A Cocktail At The Pierrot post: “every night someone would join us on the stage while we were still playing”) is a guy who introduces himself as “Danilo l’Alpino”. He sings (completely drunk) a whole song called “Madonnina dai Riccioli d’Oro”, and it is important to highlight the behaviour of the band leader who encourages and congratulates DANILo l’Alpino, despite the fact that he is out of tune in every single part of the song. He also invites the others listeners to sing along with him. DAniLo l’Alpino is the worst singer I have ever heard, but it doesn’t matter, the crowd claps hands and sings because the most important thing to do during a liscio concert, is not to see a good show, but be part of it and share good times with people. So, Viva Danilo l’Alpino.

In this other video the interaction between public and orchestra is outstanding. The crowd itself becomes the “stage”, and each spectators holds a sheet with the lyrics of the song that the band is going to perform. The setting is a square of a little city in north Italy, and the song that everybody sing is a classic from Liscio Tradition: “Casa e Chiesa” (litteraly “Home and Church”), a piece that describes the figure of a shy, devoted and beautiful young lady, which the protagonist of the song falls in love with.

The chorus says: “Sei una ragazza tutta casa e chiesa, sei una ragazza come piace a me”, this means: “you are that kind of serious lady who loves going to church any given Sunday, you are the kind of lady who I’d love to marry”. It is an example of how much the “religious factoris present in most of the songs from Italian popular music.  


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