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Two videos that explain very well what I wrote on “Cavity Wall Noises”.

Fantozzi Subisce Ancora- film director Neri Parenti

This an extract from a movie called “Fantozzi Subisce Ancora”. The protagonist of this little masterpiece is Ugo Fantozzi, a middle class man who embodies all the contradiction of his country. This scene is about a condominium meeting, and anyone who lives in a building here in Italy knows that what is represented in this scene could happen for real  in every day life.

About the extract: Ugo Fantozzi is nominated chairman of the meeting. In the beginning everyone is very kind to the others, but when the reunion starts it suddenly becomes a BATTLE…and Fantozzi has to wear a helmet on his head!

Così Parlò Bellavista- film director Luciano De Crescenzo     

This scene is taken from the movie Così Parlò Bellavista. Two characters are trapped inside the elevator, and immediately all the other owners decide to help them.


Dialogue “Highlights”

Relax and don’t worry” says the character with the black beard, “we are going to rescue you, but to do this we have to operate manually, with a crank”. “And why are you going to do it instead of doing it now?” ask the man who is trapped. “We cant’ do it now” replies the man with the beard, “because now we don’t have the crank”. This scene describes perfectly the Italian disorganization, but also our will to help and share the problem with other people. 

Key Words translation:   Crank = Manovella – Resist= Resistete


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